Community Trail Guides Basic Training

A 2-day introductory beginner course  – For Community Individuals seeking to build livelihoods as Community Guides and ecotourism service providers

idGuides developed the Community Guides Development Program specifically to empower local communities with the awareness of potential ecotourism value of their indigenous knowledge, landscape, heritage and foods – and to provide ongoing training, operational and product development support to communities as they build their ecotourism ventures.

We can substantially support both Indonesia’s overall tourism development by supporting communities to develop and operate marketable tours and services.

Inspired by Nepal’s community based trekking-and-tea-house model, a key ecotourism asset available to Indonesian communities combines landscape and the highland footpaths and coastal trails.


This two-day beginner course is geared for community members with absolutely no experience of formal tourism, but who have experience and knowledge of their landscape, trails and community history, and who have the ability to learn how to lead local excursions and guide trail-based trips.

The course is led by idGuides Community Trail Guides who themselves have undergone the process of understanding and gradually converting local community assets into marketable, responsible, ecotourism products and services, and who have learned and adopted standard operating protocols for wilderness risk management, expedition management, camp management and trek guiding.

There is no minimum education requirement, nor the need to speak English.

All modules are practical and experience-based, communicated in straightforward Bahasa Indonesia by idGuides Instructors and idGuides Community Guides.

The course will equip candidates with better awareness and pride in their local tourism assets, and practical experience of idGuides standard operating field leadership techniques and practices for basic trek and trip operation.

The knowledge and skills learned in this course can be applied to any tourism project which engages communities as service providers and guides – for example –

  • – local community guides employed or regularly used by resorts/operators/hotels for guests
  • – community wildlife or wilderness guides
  • – community mountain / volcano, dive, boat, trek, trail guides
  • – communities preparing to receive and host volunteers, scientists or field researchers in remote areas

Successful candidates will graduate to either:

–  idGuides Community Trail Guide Assistant (White) or Community Trail Guide (Yellow), allowing for onward upward progression over time.

Core Curriculum:

  • – Introducing ecotourism, the market and brainstorming ideas for responsible products based on community assets
  • – Understanding Risk from the perspective of urban tourists new to your landscape
  • – Essential personal and team attributes and skills for Guiding and Leadership
  • – Importance of Communication, and How to communicate with your clients when you don’t speak their language
  • – Introduction to Trail Guiding
  • – Introduction to Expedition Management & Logistics
  • – Introduction to Emergency Management and Basic First Aid

Training Certificate and Award:

idGuides Pro Guides Training – Community Guides Induction Training, Indonesia.

Candidates achieving essential criteria will;

  • – qualify for the idGuides Community Guides Development Program; thereby
  • – graduate to either – Community Trail Guide Assistant (White) or Community Trail Guide (Yellow)
  • – receive a candidate #, log-book, ID Card and T-shirt representing either Community Trail Guide Assistant (White) or Community Trail Guide (Yellow)
  • – be associated with idGuides for a duration of one year from training date, renewal subject to logged experience, personal and professional development.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • – Ability to speak basic Bahasa Indonesia
  • – No previous trek/camp/expedition knowledge or equipment
  • – No minimum formal education level required, but must have good practical knowledge of land, crops, heritage, etc.
  • – Must be practical, hard-working, and willing to learn and commit to standard operating procedures
  • – Must be a team player and show a basic level of leadership potential
  • – Must have access to a HP number and be willing to maintain contact with idGuides
  • – 15 years +

Custom courses on location available – outside dates below. Email us to discuss requirements.


idGuides Sentul Course Dates:

Aug 2015

Feb 2016


idGuides Sentul, West Java, Indonesia

idGuides Sentul Course Cost:

IDR Free of Charge (for Community candidates resident within 10km drive of idGuides Sentul vicinity)

IDR 200,000 (for Community candidates resident beyond 10km drive of idGuides Sentul vicinity)

IDR 1,000,000 (for Community candidates sponsored by non-profit organizations)

IDR 2,000,000 (for Community candidates sponsored by private sector companies)

—–(includes course cost, materials, certificate, food, camp/village accommodation if required (night before + night during course)

Spaces Available: 40

For further information and To Apply –

Email us


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