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Indonesia’s rich indigenous cultures embedded in biodiverse terrestrial and marine environments provide us with the world’s most diverse outdoor classroom, right on our doorstep. We are centre-stage amongst today’s pressing sustainability and development challenges. idGuides outdoor leadership education and sustainability expeditions develop awareness, leadership and good judgement through connection to landscape and community, truly needed in today’s mega city lifestyle.
International Award - Silver Expedition, Ujung Kulon National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site

International Award – Silver Expedition, Ujung Kulon National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Outdoor Classroom Locations
  • West Java (ex Jakarta)
  • East Java (ex Surabaya)
  • Central Java (ex Semarang / Jogjakarta)
  • Bali (ex Denpasar)
  • North Sulawesi (ex Manado)
  • West Sumatra (ex Padang)
  • Aceh, Sumatra (ex Medan/Banda Aceh)
  • East Kalimantan (Borneo) (ex Balikpapan)

What we offer

  • 1/2D – 16D landscape & community-based outdoor leadership and sustainability programs
  • Specialised Program Design service)
  • Training & Support for Educators & Trip Leaders
  • Tailored Operational Plans & Risk Assessment
  • Solid safety track record & extensive experience working with Asia’s leading int’l schools & organisations
  • Experienced Int’l & Indonesian Expedition Leaders, Outdoor Educators & Guides
  • Specialist expertise combining expedition management, outdoor education & sustainability
  • Centralised expedition operations base support
  • Indonesia-wide partners and operations
  • Accessible sites ex-major cities with int’l airports. Remote locations available
  • Nearest ex-Jakarta programs, 90’ drive @ Sentul West Java

idGuides Risk Management

Indonesia is a challenging operating environment, requiring careful programming of expedition and outdoor education objectives and terrain to age, capacity and changing conditions. idGuides has built a stellar reputation for successful and well-managed expeditions for all ages and objectives due to our risk-averse approach, good program design, communication and judgement of our experienced leaders and guides.

idGuides Design & Support

We work with you to design a program to suit your objectives. idGuides has an extensive range of basic programs, sites, guides and experts across Indonesia to choose from. We are known for our specialist expertise to co-design, build and gear to your specific outdoor educational, leadership and site requirements. We develop detailed Operational Plans, Risk Assessments and Activity/ Lesson Plans for our Clients and Leaders.


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