Acacia Camp

Acacia Camp is a our village-based eco-camp for private camps, outdoor education and natural group retreats. The Camp is inspired by the famous East African safari camps, many of which are community-owned and managed, with the aim of blending in to the natural environment and having positive impact.

Situated on a 5000m2 hilltop, Acacia Camp boasts spectacular 360 degree views overlooking padi fields and the Ciherang river watershed all the way to its source at Cisadon 7km to the south in the Mega Mendung hills.

To preserve camp feel, Acacia Camp is situated where there is no vehicle access up to camp. Instead, all visitors need to walk 5-10 minutes along a good path which ascends through villages and padi fields. Porters are available to assist with bags (1 porter pp, max 20kg).

Facilities are simple but comfortable, intended in design and function as an expedition outdoor education base and natural camp retreat without the boundaries or restrictions of walls, unnecessary noise or light pollution. In keeping with eco-camp principles and practice, the camp is designed to minimize water & energy use, waste and noise. Electricity is available for charging mobile devices, with traditional lanterns providing safari-camp lighting during the night.

Facilities include a covered dining area with tables and benches (sitting up to 30 people to dine comfortably), bathrooms with clean mandi wash facilities, sit-down toilets and loo paper. Our field kitchen is restricted to idGuides staff – however upon advance request – a BBQ can be made available to use by guests. Our camping area has space for up to 20 tents.

Prices & Booking

Prices are dependent on size of groups and excluding or including food. Respectively 1-14 people and 15-30 people.

If your group is 15 people or more each person will be discounted IDR 50.000 pr. night.

When you book Acacia Camp only you and your group will be camping at the site, meaning that you are booking the site exclusively.

Having people staying at our camp means that we open up the camp and that our guides will be present and avaiable to help and assist guests when needed. It also means that there will be a guide present at night for security and safety.

Book Now By dropping us an email with your requests

Camping Prices

1-14 Persons: IDR 400.000 Pr. Person

15-30 Persons: IDR 350.000 Pr. Person


Food: IDR 300.000 Pr. Person

  • Family Walk – 2 hrs – IDR 225,000 Pr. Person
  • Half Day Trek – 3-3.5 hrs – IDR 350,000 Pr. Person
  • Full Day Trek – 6-8 hrs – IDR 650,000 Pr. Person
  • Trail Run – Half Day – 3-3.5 hrs – IDR 450,000 Pr. Person
  • Trail Run – Full Day – 6-8 hrs IDR 775,000 Pr. Person

Ages 0-3 free.

Camping Program
Day 1
12.45pm Depart Jakarta for Sentul in own car.(on weekends, allow 60-75 minutes to Meeting Point after departures 10am)
14.00pm Arrive at Meeting point (GIANT, Sentul City). Meet idGuides Community Trail Guides.
idGuides will escort your vehicle for the 30’ drive to the Parking Point near the Camp.
14.30pm Arrive at Parking Point. Get ready to walk 15’ partly uphill on good village trail to Acacia Camp. Bags / Gear (max 15kg per person) handed to idGuides porter team to carry to camp. Vehicle Parking & Drivers can remain overnight (guarded by local family) or return following day. Drivers may stay at Acacia Camp (requires pre-registration with idGuides)

Arrive Acacia Camp. Orientation. Settle in. (for Full Service – tents provided by idGuides).
Relax Option: Relax with Afternoon tea & snacks. Lounge, Read.
Children can explore and play under supervision by idGuides Community Trail Guides.

15.15-17.15pm Trek Option: 2 hr Family Walk / Trek (pre-book a walk-in to camp or walk from camp)
Longer Trek options available and require earlier Meeting Times.
Please register your preferred Day 1 Trek Option when you book.
For Half Day Trek into Camp, adjust Meeting Time to 12 Noon.
For Full Day Trek into Camp, adjust Meeting Time to 7.30am
18.30pm Dinner (if Full Service booked).
19.30pm Confirm with Team idGuides any next-day Family Walk / Half Day / Full Day Trek bookings. Camp / Bonfire (if conditions suit).
Day 2
07.30-08.00am Breakfast (for Full Service bookings). *Breakfast can be served anytime guests request.
08.30am Trek Option: Circuit Route (back to Camp) or Traverse Route (direct to your vehicle)
Please ensure gear packed in case of rain; (for traverse routes) ready to carry to vehicles.
11.30am Check-out time and Day Goodbye to Acacia Camp. idGuides will escort to Parking Point.
12.00pm Arrive Parking Point. Say Goodbye to idGuides, depart for Jakarta.
1330-1345pm Indicative arrival time Jakarta.


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Fauna & Flora International
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