Raja Ampat FFI Community Trails Expedition

(29 May – 3 June 2015) Meet in Sorong

Join idGuides for a unique 6-Day recce to Waigeo interior, learning from local adat communities and following in the footsteps of Wallace in search of the Bird of Paradise and Maleo Waigeo.

The mission is to support FFI, local NGOs and traditional adat Warimak and Kalitoko communities to develop trek and birding trails, as part of a strategy to develop conservation-based livelihoods from ecotourism.

  • Masyarakat Adat Kampung Warimak
  • Masyarakat Kampung Kalitoko
  • FFI working with local NGO (Yayasan Nazaret Papua and Belantara Papua) in four model communities; Kalitoko, Warimak, Saporkren and Wawiyai, aiming on “Foresy Biodiversity and ecosystem services of the Raja Ampat District are conserved through collaborative protected area management and sustainable development in four model communities in Waigeo while improving rural livelihood and adapting climate change”.
  • Status of the land is mostly hutan adat and few of the treks passed ‘cagar alam Waigeo Timur’
  • The threats is mostly land conversion, loggings, road development, tenure
  • The opportunities; Ecotourism in Raja Ampat is mostly focused in the improvement of marine related tourism activities, while tourism potencies related to forest is underdeveloped, and considering to its peculiarity of biodiversity (high level of endemism and possible new species; i.e bird of paradise, maleo Waigeo etc.), Raja Ampat’ forest hold high tourism potencies thus its development will complete and enrich eco-tourism package in Raja Ampat

This expedition is a unique opportunity to join idGuides in the field to directly support local adat communities and Faun Flora International (FFI) to build conservation-based livelihoods through trail and birding based ecotourism.

This expedition is part of the idGuides Community Ecotourism Support Expedition series. The aim of these expeditions is to provide pro-bono technical support to communities to help them responsibly develop, manage and market their ecotourism assets.

All proceeds support the cost of the expedition project and go to local communities and their effort to develop competitive ecotourism ventures. This is an idGuides pro bono project.

Requirements to join are that you are fit, willing to play an active role in the expedition (logistics, mapping, photographer, filming, reporting, etc), willing to live in community home-stays and wild camps, and keen to make a difference.

Please note that this is not a tour, but an expedition.

Price per person: IDR 7m (ex-Sorong)

Limited to 12 places.

For more information look trough the two linked pdf’s below, and To Apply, email info@idguides.org


The International Ecotourism Society
Fauna & Flora International
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