Risk Management

JavaLava-Pel-Ratu-Feb-09-212 ”Risk management is the ability to make decisions when the outcome is uncertain and relies on our ability to perceive and quantify the risks we face.”

idGuides takes people of all backgrounds on adventures and expeditions in Indonesia, teaching wilderness leadership skills, environmental and social awareness in one of the world’s most inspiring natural and cultural outdoor classrooms.

Our treks and adventures are dynamic landscape and community-based journeys, with risk identified up front and strategies for avoidance, mitigation built into well-designed programs. On-expedition in the field, we are experienced, steady and flexible leaders and guides, always anticipating and responsive to changing conditions – be these environment or group.

The outdoors will always be a place of challenge, adventure and risk, including certain risks which are inherent. Inherent risks cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of an outdoor activity, and which can lead to loss of equipment, accidental injury, illness, or in extreme cases, trauma or death.

Indonesia’s operating environment and relative remoteness requires additional vigilance and a responsible approach in programming, planning, operation, and review. We reduce risk at the outset by designing good programmes, geared to group capacity, communicated well, managed in small expedition teams staffed with guides-to-participants appropriate to task, age and capacity.

In the field, we lead by example and teach you the skills you need to be good risk managers and excercise good judgement and decision making, as explorers, guides and leaders.


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