Responsible Outdoor Programming & Leadership

A 2-day professional training course  – For Educators, Instructors,  Leaders and Operators.

Indonesia’s terrestrial and marine landscape, heritage and peoples present incredible opportunities for adventure tourism, expeditions, service, education and local engagement.

As instructors, educators, leaders and operators, we bear the responsibility to design and operate programs which achieve our objectives – balancing risk, exploration, and fun. Our programs should also responsibly engage and benefit communities and wilderness areas, with enduring positive social & environmental impact.

Striking this delicate balance in Indonesia’s challenging operating environment requires sharper awareness of risks, challenges and opportunities – and the tools, techniques and know-how to plan for these to achieve your intended outcomes. We can substantially reduce risk – while balancing outdoor learning, adventure and service objectives – by designing good programs, and by learning and adopting expedition planning and management systems designed for operating environments where there is little or no support.

This two-day course will equip you with the most essential risk management knowledge, pre-project planning / post-project assessment tools, and field leadership techniques needed to plan and operate responsible outdoor programs. idGuides has developed this foundation course specifically to support and empower educators, leaders and operators. These skills can be applied to any outdoor project – adventure tourism, an educational field trip, a service project, or residential expedition – or as professional development for future employment.

Adopting the foundation skills you learn in this course into your professional planning and practices will require you to build experience, hone your personal leadership style and further develop specific technical skills. idGuides offers a range of technical and wilderness leadership clinics you can join – or customize – for further training.

Mainstreaming these systems into organizational practices is more challenging – we recommend a customized course designed to effectively address your organizational program objectives and related requirements.

Core Curriculum

– Indonesia’s front-country and back-country operating environment – Hazard Recognition and Objective Setting

– Wilderness Risk Management and Assessment Tools

– Expedition & Trip Leadership Techniques

– Communication & Briefings

– Expedition Management Systems

– Meaningful Service and Development Project Design

– Responsible tourism, ecotourism and pro-poor tourism

Additional technical skills can be built into a customized program

Training Certificate:

idGuides Professional Training – Responsible Outdoor Programming and Leadership, Indonesia.

Eligibility Requirements:

– No previous technical knowledge or equipment.

– Must have basic fitness for easy trekking and camping.

– Should be able to demonstrate maturity/experience necessary for responsible program leadership and design.

– 20 years +


idGuides Sentul & Jakarta


USD 350

IDR current equivalent

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