Easy Escape Jakarta

Make a booking request for a private Walk, Trek or Trail Run, any day of the week.

Recharge at your own pace with our unique fresh air escape on foot, just 90 minutes drive from Jakarta. An idGuides Community Trail Guide will lead your private trek, supported by idGuides Base Team reputed for solid risk management and Indonesia expedition expertise.

The highland villages of Sentul area beautiful landscape of traditional agricultural heritage. Out here, you can explore padi fields, coffee and clove agroforests, discovering the traditional Asian Sundanese way of life.Cool off in a clean river on the trail, if weather conditions are right.

Visiting Sentul with idGuides is about learning from landscape and connecting with communities, all uniquely possible through our Community Trail Guides whose farms and families you visit and support.

A perfect day or camp escape for kids and grown-ups alike, combining discovery, health and heritage.


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