The Great Bali Trail


The Great Bali Trail, Bali’s first long-distance trekking trail, spans 200km over 16 stages from west to east, is an idGuides Trails for People and Planet impact development to support Bali and the Balinese people during the 2020-22 pandemic.

The GBT is co-owned and co-operated with Team idGuides community trail ventures, the 16 plus villages who host the stages of the GBT.

The GBT is developed and embedded into the village PokDarWis (Communty Tourism Associations) to build green village economies through the BUMDes and to invest in local people and heritage preservation through the Desa Adat.

The GBT opens January 2023 for idGuides treks & expeditions, for 3-5 day treks and over the full distance.

Since 2022, idGuides has opened select stages for Private Day Hikes and for custom multi-day treks ang trail journeys.  

Another Great Trail by idGuides ~Trails for People & Planet

  To read about the GBT, the mission behind the trail and the idGuides impact development fund, Trails for People and Planet, click here

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