International Award YP


The International Award for Young People is a progressive award scheme open for young people aged 14-24. The Award equips young people for life and for work, and is increasingly regarded by employers as evidence of personal initiative, perseverance, unique ability and world view. Connect to the Award in Indonesia here IAYP Indonesia.

The Award is comprised of three levels (Bronze – Silver – Gold) and four sections (ServiceSkillsPhysical RecreationAdventurous Journey). Participants complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their Award. At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project.
idGuides is both a Service Provider and Award Unit in Indonesia. We believe passionately that The Award enables young people of all backgrounds to both explore and enrich Indonesia’s incredible landscapes and people, providing a wonderful experiential classroom to develop experience and learning. 
As Indonesia’s leading expedition service and outdoor leadership school, we specialise in supporting Award Units and Independent Candidates to responsibly undertake the Adventurous Journey, Gold Residential and Service sections. 
Indonesia presents uniquely rich opportunities for exploration, expeditions and experience through The Award. However, Indonesia’s challenging operating environment also presents challenges – for Award Leaders to responsibly run or facilitate especially the Adventurous Journey, Service and Gold Residential sections; and for young people to independently access and safely undertake projects, residentials and journeys.
We offer:
​- F​ull programs and support​ for fellow Award Units and independent candidates:
  • Adventurous Journey (Bronze-Silver-Gold)
  • Service Project’s
  • Gold Residential
– Pro Training and Workshops for Award Leaders, educators and volunteers:
  • Award Leader Workshop: Adventurous Journey Programming and Outdoor Leadership Skills
  • Responsible Programming for Outdoor Educators and Leaders in Indonesia
  • Wilderness Risk Management and Crisis Response
  • Wilderness Medical Training
  • Navigation Workshop
Team idGuides and The Award in Indonesia
idGuides as an organisation, along with our leaders, expedition apprentices and community guides, has built a stellar reputation for interesting and responsible IA and expedition programs across the archipelago. Our Indonesia expedition experience, responsible programming, organisational and leadership capacity combined with solid communication skills and risk management systems Since our establishment in 2009, our systems, outdoor leadership and risk-averse programming have earned us a accident-free track record evident in our client base, which includes the most respected international schools in Asia.
  • idGuides’ Co-Founder is Advisor to the Asia-Pacific Regional Training Panel, and a Trainer of Trainers.
  • Our Expedition Leaders are Award Leaders, and leaders in the respective fields
  • Many of our Community Guides and Expedition Apprentices are themselves pursuing The Award as candidates, offered by idGuides as part of the idGuides Indonesia Guides Development Program.