For centuries, Indonesians have been linked to each other by a vast network of mountain, jungle & coastal trails. These trails are traditional community assets, which if responsibly developed as part of a national trail guides and trail network, can contribute to modern rural livelihoods

– KK, idGuides Founder, UK Expedition Leader FRGS

With over 13,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago on the planet. It’s diversity and rich heritage have produced some of the world’s most fascinating and unique cultures. From land to sea, Indonesia is difficult to beat on a world-scale in terms of biodiversity.

The Great Indonesia Trail Survey

idGuides developed The Great Indonesia Trail Survey – it is used to align all our expeditions towards a single mission – to survey and document Indonesia’s terrain trails from a tourism vantage point, selecting great trails across the archipelago. Join an idGuides expedition as a team member and contribute to The Great Indonesia Trail Survey. Requirements are that you are trail fit, willing to take on expedition team responsibilities, adaptable to environment and changing circumstances, and fulfil a specific expedition role.

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