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Participant Agreement

Participant Agreement to Code of Conduct, Risk & Indemnity

I understand that idGuides is organising an urban escape / expedition / course / event, in which I (and/or my dependents) are participating.

I understand that, to help to ensure a safer and fun excursion, and to minimise the risk of incident occurring, I (and my dependents) will comply with the instructions given by idGuides in preparation for the trip, and shall listen and follow advice given by the Leaders while en route.

I understand that I am responsible for my dependents’ compliance with instructions and advice given by idGuides Leaders. I understand that idGuides and the Leaders have taken all necessary precautions to prepare for an enjoyable excursion to suit my particular group and my ability.

I understand that the registration process and interaction with idGuides Base on booking is an important part of managing risk and I have provided all details required for an appropriate assessment of risk to be made.

I am generally fit and capable, and understand the risks associated with the outdoors in Indonesia. I understand that idGuides has in place standard operating procedures and undertakes all possible preventative action to reduce risk.

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my, and my dependents’, accident and health insurance policy covers activities that I will undertake, such as hill walking and mountain trekking, remote travel and expeditions, in Indonesia.

I understand that idGuides will facilitate in the event of an incident, accident, or an evacuation if required, but that I am fully responsible for associated payments.

I agree to abide by the idGuides Code of Conduct, in which I – and my dependents – will respect communities, our fellow participants, and community and idGuides property.

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