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idGuides back from Papua – Providing ecotourism support to Somatua foundation and Adventure Carstensz

As part of the DFID-funded Protarih development program, idGuides was in Timika-Papua to support local expedition operator Adventure Carstensz and its affiliated Yayasan the Somatua Foundation to develop their ecotourism product and make sure that both procedures and capacities are sufficiently capable of carrying forward their mutual development goals. As the first step in what is hopefully a longer term collaboration between Adventure Carstensz, The Somatua foundation and idGuides the trip in January was spent assessing the overall development goals and visions of the grantees as well their internal and external procedures, capacities and workflows. Going forward idGuides will assist Adventure Carstensz professionalize product, safety, service, capacities and marketing and assist the Somatua Foundation to further develop and strenghten their development goals and plans.

Trip recap:
The trip itself was inspiring and productive, and not at least provided idGuides with all the information needed to go forward with the initial assessment, but also gave all parties a chance to discuss and share experiences from the expeditions sector in Indonesia resulting in both great laughing sessions and discussions.  Going forward idGuides is continuing to support Adventure Carstenz and The Somatua Foundation… updates will follow.
Links: www.adventurecarstensz.com

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